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When you've got a great father, you want to show him you care. What better way than with a poem?

Daughter to father poems have long been a touching way to communicate love to the man who helped raise you.

If you are getting married, let your father know that he can still be there for you. Just because there's a new man in your life, it doesn't mean that your father is no longer needed. You can make him aware of that fact with a sincere and creative daughter to father poem.

Perhaps you, the reader, are actually a father! In that case, a father to daughter poem would be best. Especially as a gesture of thanks for any previous poems received!

In this hectic world, we are often too busy or occupied to even think to take the time to tell one another how much we care. That is why it is so important to record our feelings in an eloquent way, on paper or computer screen, via a poem.

Of course, it makes sense to be sure before writing anything that a poem will be appreciated by the receiving party. But who wouldn't appreciate such a warm, kind thought? A good poem is a thousand times better than your average greeting card.

It also goes a long way toward repairing or maintaining long-distance father-daughter relationships.

daughter to father poem

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